We take unwanted bread and
make it ridiculously better.

Starting with bread that's fast approaching its expiration date, we
add fresh hops and pure water to create a truly one-of-a-kind beer.
It's almost as impressive as turning water into wine.

Proof reincarnation exists.
Fresh, frothy, delicious proof.

Wonder what life after death is like? We can tell you first hand that
it's divinely smooth & easy-drinking with subtle bread notes. Take
our word for it — the bread we use definitely goes to a better place.

Getting wasted is never a good thing.
Especially, when it comes to food.

When we say 'Drink Responsibly' we have both your well-being
and our planet's in mind. A big slice of the profits from our beer
goes to support Second Harvest and their food rescue efforts.

If you think the story of our beer is exciting,
wait until you see the trailer.

Bob's Your Uncle Brewed Goods

Great Cause. Even better partners.

Second Harvest Food Rescue Common Good Beer Company Bob's Your Uncle Prairie Boy My Brother Darryl Outfront Media


Second Harvest is the largest food rescue organization
in Canada and global thought leader on food recovery.

Common Good is a brewery that believes
community is stronger if we all band together.

Bob's Your Uncle is an advertising agency for
thoughtful food and beverage brands.

Prairie Boy Bread aims to reconnect people with agriculture, food,
quality, cooking, gathering, sharing, pleasure, and knowledge.

My Brother Darryl is dedicated to creating an engaging user experience
and measurable results for the web, social and mobile.

Canada's leading full-service OOH advertising company, with
more than 12,000 digital & static displays in over 60 markets.

We're not just making beer.
We're making headlines.

Been A Slice even knows how to satisfy the media.
Download our media kit.

Let's talk. Maybe over beers.

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